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This is a small program allowing you to manage a URI space and associated 303 redirections, towards RDF representations or HTML ones.


There is an example mapping file, used for the Jamendo RDF dump (check out this blog post): jamendo_mapping.pl It states how URIs are associated to redirections, one for the RDF representation, and one for a default one (HTML), in an easier way than apache' mod_rewrite :-)

Once your mapping is ready, you can start using a RDF browser, such as Tabulator, Disco, or even (if you really like SWI-Prolog) mine.

How is it done?

This program relies on SWI-Prolog, its HTTP package and its Semantic Web package.

How do I run it?

Just load run.pl in swi-prolog. Don't forget to compile swi with the http and the semweb package!