Current and future uses of Semantic Web technologies at the BBC

Yves Raimond, BBC R&D IRFS / @moustaki

Talk in two parts

  • How are Semantic Web technologies currently used on the BBC website?
  • What are future uses of Semantic Web technologies at the BBC?

Radio since 1922

TV since 1930

On the Web since 1994

Programme support

1000 to 1500 programmes per day across 70 channels

The web site is the API

Using Linked Data (external)

Using Linked Data (internal)

Towards a Linked Data Platform

World Cup 2010

Tagging articles

Dynamic aggregations

BBC London 2012

BBC Ontologies

Linked Data and the BBC archive

The BBC Archive

Cataloguing the archive

In Our Time archive

BBC Four Army collection

Tagging programmes

Machines + Users

The World Service archive

Machine listening

Automated speech recognition

Automated transcripts

Automated tagging

Example results

Processing archives in the cloud

Bootstrapping search and discovery


Data validation

Speaker segmentation

Crowd-sourcing speaker names

Propagating speaker names

Evaluating speaker identification

User activity

Emerging shape of the archive

Visualising the archive


ClOud Marketplace for Multimedia Analysis


BBC News Juicer

"NEWS HACK" - 17th & 18th Oct in Shoreditch Town Hall (London)


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