Semantic Web at the BBC

Semantic Web at the BBC

Yves Raimond, BBC R&D
Europeana Plenary, Leuven, Belgium
14 June 2012

Radio since 1922

BBC Eagle

TV since 1930

BBC Tuning Signal

On the Web since 1994

BBC 1994

Programme support

Doctor Who official site

1000 to 1500 programmes per day

BBC Color

Automated programme support

BBC Programmes

BBC Programmes

The BBC Programme Ontology

BBC Programmes

Publishing data

Other domains

BBC Music, using the Web as a CMS

Tom Waits page on BBC Music

Aggregate Link

BBC Wildlife Finder, horizontal navigation

Horizontal navigation

Horizontal navigation

Tagging with URIs

Manual tagging

The BBC archive

ABC-IP: Automated interlinking of archived content

Topic interlinking for speech audio

Contributor interlinking

Enabling users to validate and change data

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